The Byzantine and Christian Museum is implementing the project e-Byzantine and Christian Museum. This project allows the Museum to
* Upgrade its archaeological collections management system by utilizing modern digital applications;
* Develop a new, accessible digital archive which can be further enriched and provides valid information on Byzantine and post-Byzantine civilization;
* Refresh its communication and deepen its relations with many and diverse stakeholders, both specialist and non-specialist, as well as with the world public;
* Encourage learning through play, discussion and networking for all its visitors, young and old.

Collections Management System ‘MuseumPlus’
The Museum is now equipped with MuseumPlus, an internationally renowned software solution for the organization of museums and the management and enhancement of collections.

Virtual Tour of the Permanent Exhibition
High resolution panoramic photographs capturing the approximately 4,500 sq.m. area of the Museum’s physical exhibition space, constitute the basis for the virtual tour of the Museum’s permanent exhibition.

Visitors now have the opportunity to see artefacts that are not displayed in the Museum’s permanent exhibition.
The most important exhibitions held at the Byzantine & Christian Museum over the past twenty years, are presented revamping its image and character, highlighting its role in society and making it accessible to new audiences.
The interaction between the Museum and its visitors is constantly refreshed through the Calendar.
The electronic Guest Book invites the website visitors to post comments and observations and upload photographs and videos, as well as to evaluate their experience from their visit to the virtual museum.
The Museum’s long-standing educational activities now have an interactive web space, a new arena of communication and networking with all visitors - children, teenagers, families and school groups. 
A series of educational applications – memory and observation games, creative activities (painting, image assembly), role games («be a museologist!») – presents artefacts from the collections in an attractive way and encourages learning through play. 
Virtual Museum Tour Applications for Smartphones 
While physically touring the Museum’s exhibitions, the visitor can take advantage of the virtual museum applications to obtain information on the collections.