From the archaeological work of G. Sotiriou

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Who was Georgios Sotiriou?

A pioneer, and very active archeologist-Byzantinist of the first half of the 20th century and one of the greatest directors of the Byzantine & Christian Museum. He was born in 1880, and he studied in Athens and abroad. In 1915 he was appointed General Ephor of Antiquities and in 1923 he took over the directorship of the Byzantine Museum. The role played by Sotiriou was crucial both for the development of the Archaeological Service and for the scholarly progress of Archaeology. Sotiriou was a splendid scholar who contributed a lot to the study of the Byzantine archeology and art.

Had Sotiriou undertaken to conduct excavations?

Yes, he was an active archaeologist and researcher with a special interest in the Byzantine monuments. It was one of the first Greek scholars who have carried out systematic excavations under the direction of the Archaeological Service. He discovered important monuments, mostly of the early Christian era.

Which were the most known excavations by him?

Georgios Sotiriou excavated the Ilissos basilica in Athens. He also conducted an excavating research in the basilica of Hagios Demetrios in Thessaloniki, when he undertook the archaeological study and the restoration of the Church after the destructive fire of 1917. he also conducted very important excavating work in Pthiotides Thebes (now New Anchialos).