The “wall of Theseion”

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Who was Kyriakos Pittakis?

One of the most prominent personalities of the beginnings of Archaeology in Greece. Pittakis was born in Athens in 1798. In 1836 he was appointed Ephor of the Central Museum which at the time was housed in Hefaistos temple (Theseion), while in 1848 he was promoted to General Ephor of Antiquities. For many years he conducted the excavations in Akropolis and the restoration works in Parthenon, Erechteion and Propylaea. In 1833 he founded together with other prominent personalities the Archaeological Society at Athens in which he served as secretary and vice-president. Also, he was the writer and editor of the journal Archaeologike Ephemeris

From where did these sculpture come?

The sculptures that were collected by Pittakis were coming from monuments of Athens or Attica, preserved or ruined, and also from the first excavations that had been held in the Akropolis’ area. During the period of the Turkish Conquest various sculptures had been transferred on the rock of Akropolis to be used as construction material.