St John Chrysostom, the widow's vineyard, and the transfer of his relic.

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In the upper zone, John Chrysostom appears in bust. In the middle zone, a small sailing ship carries the holy relic to Constantinople, while in between leaves form the widow's vineyard. In the lower zone the city of Komana is depicted, the Saint's place of exile. The icon narrates the story of the vineyard of widow Kallitropi which was wronged, related to the vineyard's sale to the eparch of Alexandria. In an attempt to be vindicated, Kallitropi appealed to empress Eudocia, to no avail. St John Chrysostom condemned the episode resulting in his exile to Komana of Cappadocia, where he remained until his death.
  • Collection: Icons and Wood-Carvings
  • Origin: Kimolos Island
  • Measurement: 41 x 33 cm
  • Exhibit Number: ΒΧΜ 11598