Theotokos Glykophilousa and Cross

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On the main side there is the depiction of Theotokos Glykophilousa while on the back cross and monograms are depicted in reddish brown colour. By the use of X-ray method was discovered this older layer of painting with the same representation depicting the Virgin Glykophilousa in the reverse position existed under a newer layer of the 18th century. By using a special method the newest layer was removed and placed on a new wooden surface, while the original of the 12th century was restored by the pioneer conservator of antiquities and of international standing in the field of conservation Stavros Baltogiannis during the 60‘s. This process of separating the two layers into a portable icon of this size constituted - among other cases in the Byzantine Museum - an innovative method in the field of icon conservation and the first case of separating the layers of painting in a portable icon belonging in Byzantine Museum’s collections. The layer of the 18th century can be identified by the inventory number BXM 14191.
  • Collection: Icons and Wood-Carvings
  • Origin: Thessaloniki, Church of Hypapante
  • Creator: Workshop of Northern Greece
  • Exhibit Number: ΒΧΜ 00984