Saint Theodore Tiro

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Saint Theodore Tiro is depicted full length against a gold background in a dramatic and energetic pose, about to deliver a death blow, with the sword that he brandishes above his head, to the scaly green dragon lying supine at his feet. He is wearing military dress with a short tunic, leather breastplate, wide metal belt, epaulets, and a long dark-red cloak around his shoulders. From his left shoulder hangs a bow, and a quiver with arrows is strapped to his belt. In the upper right corner, the Hand of God emerges from a blue arc of heaven, striated with gold rays, to bless the triumphant saint. Lower down, two mountains and a rocky landscape are depicted in the background, and at the bottom of the picture is an expanse of water, on which is inscribed the artist’s signature: ΧΕΙΡ ΑΓΓΕΛΟΥ ([by the] hand of Angelos). The icon is dated to the second quarter of the 15th c.