Gospel with a silver-guilt cover

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The Gospel was printed in Moscow. It has a precious silver-guilt cover. In the front side of it, in high relief is the interior of a church with a sanctuary and the altar table beneath an elaborated ciborium and the four Evangelists with their symbols. In the back side there are seven scenes and stamps by the imperial workshops of Russia. It was donated together with other items (Vessels and books) by the Catherine the Great Empress of Russia to the Greek Community in Livorno, for the Church of the Holy Trinity. At the beginning of the 20th c. after the dissolution of the Greek Community in Livorno the Church of the Holy Trinity stopped functioning. The sacred vessels of the Church then moved to the Municipal Museum of Livorno. In the 1930’s with the intervention of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and of the Greek Embassy in Rome, ten of them were brought to Athens and entered the collections of the Byzantine Museum.