'Marble table support of the Good Shepherd.

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The motif of the Good Shepherd was very popular in Late Antique monuments, such as − in addition to table supports − sarcophagi, wall-paintings in tombs, and lamps. Its distribution was facilitated by the multiple meanings inherent in this figure, which can express a wide range of virtues, equally acceptable in both pagan and Christian circles. The 4th c. piece, which was found in Ancient Corinth, is considered a product of an Asia Minor workshop. It entered the Museum in 1915, following an order of the Minister of Ecclesiastical Affairs and Public Education to the National Archaeological Museum and other Public Services in the region of Attica, that "objects of Byzantine and Christian art" were to be delivered to the newly established Byzantine Museum.
  • Collection: Sculpture
  • Origin: Ancient Corinth
  • Measurement: 73 cm
  • Exhibit Number: ΒΧΜ 00002