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In the centre of the composition Christ is depicted seated on a rainbow in a glory (or circle of light), borne by two angels. Below the apostles are depicted gesticulating in a lively fashion. They are divided into two groups, with two angels dressed in white at the head of each. The angel from the left-hand group is accompanied by the Virgin, who is raising her hands in supplication. In the background three rocks dominate the scene, while olive trees recall the Mount of Olives, where the Ascension took place according to the scriptures. The wall-painting has been detached from the katholikon of the Hodegetria Monastery in Apolpena on Lefkada and was painted in the mid-15th century, a time when the island belonged to the Duchy of Kephallenia, ruled by the Florentine Tocci family. The wall-paintings from the church, the work of a notable Byzantine artist, combine elements from Byzantine and Western (Late Gothic) art in a unique fashion. The conservation and reconstruction of the detached wall-paintings was done with the application of modern and innovative technologies from the Museum’s wall-painting Laboratory.