Sts Kosmas, Damianos and Theodote Sts Kosmas, Damianos and Theodote Sts Kosmas, Damianos and Theodote

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The most important ensemble of wall-paintings that is presented in the Byzantine Museum comes from the Church of the Koimesis [Dormition of the Virgin] in Episkopi, Eurytania. During the 1960s, the construction of the hydroelectric dam on the river Achelous and the creation of the Kremasta reservoir led to the submergence of the church and the surrounding area. As the technical drawings of the church were accomplished, two even earlier layers of painting were discovered and removed beneath the 13th-century paintings. The earlier of these layers dates from the 9th and the other from the 11th century. Much later, possibly after a long period during which the church was abandoned, the built templon was constructed, and it may be dated to the 17th century.The depiction of the doctor-Saints Kosmas and Damianos and their mother Saint Theodote belongs in the mid-13th c. painting layer.