Wall painting from Episkopi Eurytania

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The wall painting belongs to the church of Episkopi, Eurytania, which was submerged beneath the waters of the artificial lake created for the needs of the Kremasta dam. Before the waters began to rise, the monument was documented and its wall paintings were removed. The painting, dated in the 13th c., was part of a larger composition depicting three of the five martyrs of Sebasteia. The youngest was saint Orestes to the left, which wears a military uniform and a red mantle fastened to the right shoulder with a knot.
  • Collection: Wall-paintings
  • Origin: Church of the Koimesis [Dormition] of the Theotokos), Episkopi Eurytania
  • Measurement: 264 x 242 cm
  • Exhibit Number: ΒΧΜ 01416