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In 2005 the largest part of the Collection of the Foundation of I. and D. Passas entered the Museum as a 20-year- loan.

The collection consists of:

a) 580 works of art from Southeast Asia and the Far East. These are statuettes and vases made of semiprecious stones, ivory and clay, porcelain vases and marble sculptures, coming mainly from China, Japan and India.

b) 173 copies of Western European paintings, oil on canvas and wood, probably dated from the late 19th century to the first two decades of the 20th.

c) 90 porcelain works from Western Europe, vases and statuettes mostly, dated from the late 19th to the first half of the 20th century. Among them there are copies that reproduce original products of some well-known porcelain factories in Europe (Meissen and Sevres), or original works made by German (mainly) porcelain factories (Dresden, Altest Volkstedt). 

Gallery View
  • Venus of Urbino Venus of Urbino
    Cory of Venus of Urbino, Titian (1477?-1576). Oil painting on wood
  • Buddhist deity Buddhist deity
    Jade head of a Buddhist deity (Bodhisattva).
  • Cencer Cencer
    Lapis lazuli vessel carved in the shape of censer, decorated with Buddhist symbols (dragons and buddhist lion).
  • Mythical animals Mythical animals
    Porcelain vase, “Yellow family” type. Decoration: mythical animals (dragon and phoenix) and auspicious symbols (gourd, symbol...
  • Buddhist deity Buddhist deity
    Sculpture of a female Buddhist deity (Guanyin), carved in amethyst. Guanyin is the female Chinese version of Avalokitesvara, ...